Real Estate Schools – Offering Expertise in Modern Real Estate Markets

It is now seen as somewhat rare for an undergraduate to know the exact career path they wish to take with so many choices offered. However, business and financial students wishing to maintain and further their business education should consider going the extra mile by enrolling in specialist real estate faculties.

These schools provide a direct insight into modern real estate markets, placing them in a wider business context, equipping students with a solid knowledge of the principles and applications of real estate investment techniques.

London business schools invariably have extensive real estate faculties providing a degree of flexibility that is required by many employers. Real estate schools teach a thorough understanding of investment and finance, with the ability to specialise in a number of fields such as financial risk, investment and insurance.

Studying at London-based schools enables students to learn from world renowned teachers who are incredibly practical and highly focused on their students’ chosen careers.

Places on courses at real estate schools boast particularly high competition with high demands of A Level results. However, this is tempered by the scholarships that are available on occasion to undergraduate students on the basis of academic merit. This can be a significant contribution, paying as much as a quarter of the tuition fee. Best of all, providing the recipient of a scholarship maintains a satisfactory level of academic performance the scholarship is renewable for subsequent academic years until graduation.

Many graduates gravitate towards careers as chartered surveyors, property analysts, analysts, appraisers, valuers, consultants and more. Graduating at a London business school, just a stone’s throw from the city’s business and financial quarter, provides an opportunity to gain employment with major global organisations.

Located in the heart of London’s financial district, Cass Business School is a leading provider of business and management education.

Our MBA is recognised globally as a market leader, we have the widest portfolio of Specialist Masters programmes (MSc) in Europe and our Undergraduate School is one of the best in the UK. Ranked in the UK’s top 10 business and management research schools, means we attract leading PhD students and scholars for real estate schools programmes at Cass